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Sunnybank Station Upgrade

Project Scope

Doval Constructions, together with Queensland Rail, GHD and Abigroup, formed an alliance partnership to upgrade the track formation and stations between Salisbury and Kuraby, Brisbane.

This package was the largest and most complex of the S2K packages between Salisbury and Kuraby.

Doval was responsible for the station upgrades at Sunnybank, together with the associated construction of a new road and carpark facility and the realignment and reconstruction of Stones Road, Breton Street, Dixon Road and the level crossing linking these three access points.

The existing platforms were raised and new lift shafts with overhead footbridge accesses were installed.

A new track formation was prepared prior to Queensland Rail laying a fourth track through the Station.

Exceptional performance within Doval’s scope of KPI’s resulted in a final Limb 3 KRA payment to Doval of *10% on top of the final contract value.

Key Staff

  • Andrew Bateman – General Manager
  • Bryce Wilson - Project Manager
  • Ben De Jager - Site Supervisor
  • Jean Tyack - Site Supervisor

  • Challenges

  • All works were successfully completed whilst maintaining commuter access within the live electrified rail environment
  • Working within an Alliance structure was, for Doval, both an opportunity and a challenge. Doval were, due to their extensive Queensland Rail experience, engaged to complete all works within the vicinity of Sunnybank Station. The successful completion of this critical package ensured that the overall S2K program remained on track
  • Key Performance Indicators

    In order to successfully deliver Key Results Areas (KRA’s), the Alliance Team developed a series of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s):

    KRA 1 Operational Impacts
  • KPI 1.1 Target Dates
  • KPI 1.2 Train Delays
  • KPI 1.3 Number of Isolations
  • KRA 2 Stakeholders
  • KPI 2.1 Public Safety and Environmental Incidents
  • KPI 2.2 Community Awareness
  • KPI 2.3 Community
  • KPI 2.4 Train Safety
  • KPI 2.5 Protect and Enhance
  • KRA 3 S2K Culture
  • KPI 3.1 Alliance Culture
  • KPI 3.2 Stakeholder Relations
  • KPI 3.3 Team Values
  • KRA 4 Quality
  • KPI 4.1 QA System
  • KPI 4.2 Verification
  • KPI 4.3 Non Conformances
  • KPI 4.4 Legacy
    • Project:

      Stones Rd, Breton St & Dixon Rd Upgrade, Sunnybank Station Upgrade with Level Crossing

    • Location:

      Salisbury and Kuraby, Qld

    • Client:

      Queensland Rail

    • Practical Completion:

      January 2008

    • Contract Period:

      54 Weeks

    • Contract Value:

      $18.7 million