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Royal Parade Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge

Project Scope

The project consisted of the construction of a new single span pedestrian and cycle bridge to replace the previous bridge almost completely destroyed during the January 2013 floods.

Works included demolition of the remaining bridge substructures, micropiling and cast-in-place piles, abutment works, landing and installation of prestressed precast concrete deck units, transverse post stressing of deck units and all other superstructure works, including pouring of a deck slab and installation of balustrades.

Perhaps the most technically challenging aspect of the contract involved access to site via a load restricted bridge on Gresham Street. The bridge is load rated at 22.5t and with some construction equipment weighing over 100t, several challenges were posed.

Effective planning and the design and implementation of temporary works lead to the successful crossing of Gresham Street bridge with heavy construction equipment on multiple occasions with no damage to the bridge.

Another important part of the project was the involvement of experienced subcontractors, specifically with regards to piling and the lifting, delivery and construction of the deck units.

Hyatt Ground Engineering lent expertise in the installation of piles in difficult conditions, while ENCO Precast completed casting of the deck units. LCR Group were responsible for the landing of the deck units, while Ausfab Construction took care of all steelworks.

With a key focus on community liaison and satisfaction, as well as strict environmental controls enforced due to works in Enoggera Creek, the project was completed with no complaints and to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

The contract was completed on time, prior to Christmas 2013 and within the Clients budget.

Key Staff

  • Ben Dyson – Construction Manager
  • Ryan Rumble - Project Manager
  • Allan Smith - Site Supervisor

  • Challenges

  • Delivery of plant and materials over load limited bridges.
  • Construction of the works adjacent to and over the environmentally sensitive Enoggera Creek.
  • Tight programming requirements to achieve completion prior to Christmas 2013.
    • Project:

      Royal Parade Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge

    • Location:

      Ashgrove, Qld

    • Client:

      Brisbane City Council

    • Practical Completion:

      December 2013

    • Contract Period:

      12 weeks

    • Contract Value:

      $0.6 million