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Redbank Stabling Yard

Project Scope

The Redbank Stabling Yard contract involved the construction of a new railway stabling yard and associated services. Major earthworks and layerworks were required to enable the construction of new railway tracks, footpaths and platforms. Kilometres of stormwater culverts and electrical ducting were also required to service the new stabling yard in addition to new lighting, PA systems and other electrical facilities.

The stabling yard is surrounded by security fences comprising approximately 700m of new 2.65m high steel security mesh fencing and 600m of new concrete security wall up to 9m high.

The contract involved constant interaction with internal QR construction divisions and careful programming and coordination was required in order to meet project milestones. The site borders residential areas, and sensitivity and care was demonstrated when dealing with community liaison and environmental aspects of the contract.

The stabling yard connects to an existing operating railway network system which poses unique safety risks and challenges. Furthermore, the fact that numerous disciplines where simultaneously involved in the construction of the works necessitated increased diligence to ensure a safe working environment.

The fact that no LTI’s were sustained during the duration of the works is testament to the dedication to safety of all concerned.

Key Staff

  • Ben Dyson – Construction Manager
  • Bryce Wilson - Project Manager
  • Ryan Rumble - Project Manager
  • Jean Tyack - Site Supervisor
  • Rob Forrest - Site Supervisor

  • Challenges

  • Development of SWMS’s and procedures specific to working under live railway conditions.
  • Conducting of weekly “look ahead” meetings and the coordination and programming of works to ensure efficient working in conjunction with multiple disciplines.
  • On-site collaboration and decision making with Superintendent to expedite the works.
  • Accommodation of $7 million of additional work within the original contract program.
    • Project:

      Redbank Stabling Yard

    • Location:

      Redbank, Qld

    • Client:

      Queensland Rail

    • Practical Completion:

      May 2012

    • Contract Period:

      36 Weeks

    • Contract Value:

      $13.9 Million