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Bicentennial Bikeway Upgrade – Stage 4

Project Scope

The Bicentennial Bikeway Stage 4 project for the Brisbane City Council involves the final stage of the upgrade of the existing bikeway from Brisbane City, and along Coronation Drive to Toowong.

Acknowledged as the most technical and complex of all the stages to date, this project contains the construction of piling works, suspended concrete walkways and lookout decks, fibre-composite ramps, lookout structures and a curved architectural elevated structure made of fibre-composite materials which resembles the shape of a yacht.

The project has many challenges including the requirement to construct the works while maintaining a 2.8m wide passage for bikes through the works for the duration of the project.

Coupled with this is the additional requirement to restrict access for pedestrians to the bike path which involves a 7 day week, 15hr a day provision of personnel to manage this separation.

The project includes difficulties with the existence of landmark flora, namely the Moreton Bay Fig located in front of the Regatta and various state controlled marine plants such as mangroves and marine couch which require continual protection throughout the works.

The installation of the bridge was successfully achieved during the prescribed 48hr window much to the satisfaction of the Client. The contract was also completed without safety or environmental incident despite significant risks being posed by the nature of the works.

Key Staff

  • Stephen Beck - Contracts Manager
  • Andrew DeLacy - Project Manager
  • Jamie Featherstone - CQR
  • Paul McCann - Site Supervisor
  • Andrew Duncan - Site Supervisor
  • Aaron Armstrong - Site Supervisor

  • Challenges

  • The narrow access provided for the piling rig along the riverbank and bikeway path was insufficient, therefore a custom designed platform was constructed to allow one track of the rig to sit on the platform while the other sat on the existing bank.

  • The Contract allowed for the closing of the bus indent for provision of the side track, which was rejected by CRU after award. As a result a custom bike side track was constructed over Land St tunnel, straddling the existing track to accommodate users.
    • Project:

      Bicentennial Bikeway Upgrade – Stage 4

    • Location:

      Toowong, Qld

    • Client:

      Brisbane City Council

    • Practical Completion:

      July 2015

    • Contract Period:

      52 Weeks

    • Contract Value:

      $10.7 million