The senior management and owners of Doval are fully committed to conducting its construction operations in a manner that shall have minimal impact on the environment and shall be in accordance with all relevant community standards and Government regulations and policies.

To maintain a high standard of performance in this area, Doval has committed as a matter of policy:

  • To operate in compliance with applicable environmental laws, regulations and standards and operate in manner that will minimise adverse environmental impacts.

  • To provide the resources necessary to operate to a high standard of environmental performance.

  • To ensure that all personnel engaged on Doval projects have concern for the environmental effects of their activities.

  • To support the principles of ecologically sustainable development.

  • To ensure that through its management and staff, Doval will comply with this policy by developing, implementing and maintaining an Environmental Management System based on AS/NZS ISO 14001.

  • Doval’s environmental policy, together with scope of certification, is available to all interested parties upon request by e-mailing info@doval.com.au



Australian Lungfish